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Pure Nuvò

Pure Nuvò, 100% pure undiluted snail slime. Rich in nourishing and regenerating mucopolysaccharides. Pure Nuvò is manufactured by an exclusive process, conceived and developed within our research laboratory: it is unique in its kind, as it does not use any chemicals and it is made in a completely natural way.

Pure Nuvò is then filtered and micro-filtered and then treated with ozone, guaranteeing sterility without chemical residues and favouring bioavailability of the active principles, which are better absorbed through the skin.

Microbiological analyses for each lot guarantee that the product respects the required quality standards.


– Natural moisturiser

– Soothing of reddened skin after hair removal (face and body).

– After Sun/after sunbed.

– Against stretch marks.

– Against acne.

– Valid help in treating dermatitis on face, body and scalp

– It can be used during a facial cleansing treatment


Spread Pure Nuvò even several times a day in the area to be treated and massage until it is completely absorbed.