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Nuvò Anti-aging Elixir

A product of excellence, simply rich in all that a high level cosmetic must guarantee to obtain the maximum effect.

Nuvò Anti-aging Elixir acts vigorously on the tissue of the skin. Apply two drops of the serum on the perfectly clean and dry face, smoothing it with long movements from the centre of the face outwards. A massage is not necessary; the heat of your body will activate the active ingredients and will facilitate its absorption.
The serum may even be applied before the Nuvò Anti-aging Cream as a coadjutant, because it amplifies synergistically the action of the cream itself.
The original synergy of the active ingredients that characterise the Nuvò Anti-aging Elixir, consent a quick action and an efficacious anti-wrinkle localised in the more critical zones, thanks also to the particular high absorption texture.

The 80% Helix extract, combined with the concentrated hexapeptide and the vitamin E, gives this serum a strong and immediate luminous, wrinkle soothing, deep anti-oxidant, moisturizing and relaxing effect for the skin.
Suitable for all types of skin, dermatologically tested.

Without added parabens and silicones.

* Anti-oxidant effectiveness tested at accredited laboratories worldwide.